Beckham’s Commercial Lighting in Texas & Alberta

LightingBored of the Beckham’s are you? Well we are also bored of their lavish celebrity lifestyle. This website it’s pretty much just a mockery of the previous page that was here. It is strictly satire and should not be taken seriously whatsoever.

On that note, David and Victoria Beckham have an excellent landscape lighting job done to their home in London and Los Angeles. Many celebrities wonder where they go to get such a professional and detailed job done and you might be surprised who they recommend.

Home IlluminationIn business for years they recommend companies located in Texas where by they will fly the necessary crew out, house them until the job is done and then fly them back home. “When you have this kind of money, you can do whatever you want” says Daiivd.

He strongly recommends the precise landscaping lights in dallas work that was done, while he provided the crew with food and late night entertainment with music and alcohol each night as an option.

When he hired his landscaping light houston crew, he took them on a private jet las vegas extravaganza and treated them to a night on the town. (what a proper gentleman we must say). He did something very similar when they redid the backyard and hired landscaping light austin workers as well.

He even went as far as hiring some Canadian workers and took the liberty of taking commercial light edmonton workers to Alaska for an intense Hockey tournament against the commercial light calgary team for rivalry purposes. (learn more about this flexible landscape crew called Luminous Solutions.)

After the game both teams met in Vegas and then hit up Amsterdam for the electronic music festival to celebrate the completion of their excellent work.

Also learn more about the flight company that assisted Daviid online called Executive Charter Flights.

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