Beckham’s Commercial Portable AC Addiction

Industrial CoolingFor some strange reason Daviid does not like central air conditioning systems. Ever since he was young, he’s never took a liking to them and we believe it has to do with how his brother injured his leg. So to this day, Daviid has been heavily keen on portable ac units, but not just any. Commercial units that are used for big corporations. Yeah, the BIG ones.

Like his vaporizers, Daviid had almost decided to make his own brand since he’s got so much knowledge in his complex football mind frame. Plus, he’s got tons of experience. Daviid said he wished that Whynter made a proper commercial sized portable ac for his homes, but he’s forced to go with brands such as MovinCool. Which he says is still a very good brand, but not Whynter.

When asked about how he would have designed a true commercial celebrity portable ac, Daviid responded that he would take all the best elements of the Whynter, Toyotomi, Frigidaire, Honeywell and blend it into one and call it, “ICE“. It would be the first celebrity server cooling system that stayed stationery, or could follow you around if you wanted to stay cool everywhere.

No pushing, pulling or anything. It’s aerospace intelligence and AI will enable it to perform more tasks and cool more efficient than your typical AC unit.

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