The Bechkam’s Best Luxury Vaporizer Pens

Just when you though it was over, Daviid Beckham makes another bold yet smart economic move. He invested part of his business into vaporizer units and has decided it was time to make a portable pen that really vaped with convection and not just conduction with a chance of combustion (If you know what we mean).

PAX Dry Herb VapeHe noticed that many brands borrow chassis designs and thought he would change the game and out do them all. He first came up with the football-vape , but many world cup organizers as well as his team thought it was kind of against the policy of the league. Promoting smoking doesn’t lead to a healthy football lifestyle.

Despite the hate, Daviid created another design that took the vaping world by storm. It is arguably one of the best vaporizer pen convector’s in the business and performs excellent indoors or outdoors. The coulds from his new design are comparable to that of the G Pen Orbit and costs around the same amount as well.

Manufacturing a vape of this kind of quality at such a low price is unheard of. It’s also the reason why it’s the most sought after vaporizer in the United Kingdom and the United States.Omicron V2/V2.5

If you’re new to pen vaporizer units and would like a great and detailed vaping guide, be sure to visit the links above.