The Bechkam’s Buy a New Private Jet

You would never believe the purchase Daviid conjured up this week at the aviation summit he held in his backyard. Mr. Beckhaam spent approx 6 million on a Hawker jet, which he states is a “Wise choice considering the economy and the state of the aviation business”.

G650When we looked into it, he was right. This is the best time to get involved with the industry, and owning is just far more secure and flexible than chartering on a regular basis.

We decided to take a look at how much a jet could cost and noticed that some can go as high as 100 million dollars. Daviid said “I’d like to own an airliner one of these days. Jet’s are child’s play.” As he referenced his home slice Donnie Trumpest.

We noticed a few places that Daviid Liked to travel. Three stood out in particular. Los Angeles Private Jet air, was the most frequent. He said he loved the Cali lifestyle and how everyone was so nice.

Next he went to another place you probably wouldn’t expect. Dallas Private Jet air, which Daviid said was a very different experience. The people weren’t are accepting to his accent.

Last but of course not least, Daviid spent a lot of time traveling London Private Jet air. Mostly because he needed to get his tail home!

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